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Top 20 Best Perfume Subscription Box Design Ideas

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They say that don’t judge a book by its cover, but haven’t you ever wondered to judge what’s inside the box from its packaging? This curiosity is converted to one of the crucial marketing or sales needs when it comes to the packaging of the products that can connect well with the customers. When it comes to businesses investing in subscription boxes, packaging needs are the priority. The perfume box packaging designs are one such crucial need of the perfume box importers, wholesalers, and perfume brands.

So, today we bring the top and best 20 perfume box packaging designs for different importers, wholesalers, and perfume manufacturers that are generating bulk needs for packaging. We’ll cover all about the top advantages of the perfume subscription box, followed by the list of top box design examples exclusively for perfumes.

Top 20 examples of perfume subscription box designs:

Are you already looking for a quick list of the top and preferred perfume box design ideas after going through their advantages? Here is a reviewed list of the top and popular 20 examples of the perfume box packaging designs.

1. Hongyi Rectangular Perfume Subscription Box

Ideally standing at the top of our list of the best perfume subscription box design ideas, is simple and elegant Hongyi perfume subscription box designs. Liked by perfume manufacturers and wholesalers across the globe, it never lets you down. The high-quality printing ensures an extravagant customer experience. 

2. Margot Elena Perfume Subscription Box

Margot Elena Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://margotelena.com/products/seasonal-discovery-box

It is one of the preferred choices when it comes to creative perfume subscription box design ideas. It follows seasonal themes on all subscription boxes and includes multiple cosmetics along with fragrances. The high-quality offerings are liked by many people globally.

3. Hongyi Plastic Perfume Subscription Box

It is one of the preferred choices when it comes to custom boxes from China’s leading brand Hongyi. The material of this perfume subscription box goes well with the global audience. It offers a wider scope for the manufacturers or wholesalers from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East to offer a high-end customer experience. All these plastic boxes are temperature resistant, highly flexible, reusable, and highly cost-effective for all businesses.

4. NEST New York Perfume Subscription Box

NEST New York Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://www.nestnewyork.com/

Ranking as another competitor in the ideal perfume box packaging design, NEST New York is an ideal option for different perfume wholesalers and manufacturers. It offers a range of fragranced body care collections including cleansers, lotions, etc. The products inside this perfume subscription box can be upgraded to perfume oils, Eau de parfums, etc.

5. Hongyi Wooden Perfume Subscription Box

Wood is another great option in the list of the top perfume packaging design ideas. Hongyi’s wooden perfume subscription boxes are perfect to complement the delicate perfume bottles. It becomes easy to customize these wooden boxes according to the needs of wholesalers or manufacturers to crack the game of branding. Not only this, businesses can choose from the colors, shapes, styles, decoration, EVA, EPE, or sponge liner according to their audience. Let the customers enjoy the benefits of sturdy material, moisture resistant, evenly distributed weight, recyclable, and reusable wooden perfume subscription boxes from Hongyi.

6. Luxury Scent Box (LSB) Perfume Subscription Box

Luxury Scent Box (LSB) Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://www.luxsb.com/

It is one of the creative perfume box design ideas that go beyond the traditional concepts of boxes. There are options to choose from the men and women perfume range and starts with a 150-spray atomizer. The company has a range of samples of different brands.

7. Twisted Lily Perfume Subscription Box

Twisted Lily Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://twistedlily.com/

Some of the widely popular yet effective perfume subscription box design idea includes the Twisted Lily. There are options to choose from gifts, grooming, beauty, fragrances, etc. There are options to have discovery sets, individual bottles, etc., according to the customer needs of different perfume manufacturers and wholesalers.

8. Scent Box Perfume Subscription Box

Scent Box Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://www.scentbox.com/

Designs rank a high position when it comes to the best perfume monthly subscription box from Scent Box. There are options to choose from more than a thousand available options with the company. It includes a large number of celebrity scents for the luxury audience range.

9. Scent Trunk Perfume Subscription Box

Scent Trunk Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://scenttrunk.com/

Some of the popular perfume subscription box design ideas include Scent Trunk. Coming from the land of traditional perfume manufacturers, the company offers a full palette of sample-size perfume bottles and mix-and-match scents. Further, it is possible to create blends of different fragrances from their subscription boxes.

10. Skylar Scent Club Perfume Subscription Box

Skylar Scent Club Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://skylar.com/

Skylar Scent Club is another great packaging design option for perfumes when it comes to the best fragrance subscription boxes. The perfume wholesalers can use the discovery set that offers choice of five different perfumes in one box only. The company further offers a limited edition monthly scent to long-term customers.

11. Scentbird Perfume Subscription Box

Scentbird Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://www.subscriptionbeautyboxes.com/

Scentbird offers a comprehensive range of perfumes on a monthly subscription basis. The perfume wholesalers can match the different range of designer brands. The options to choose from the mood and aesthetic perfume range make it easy for the companies to go for the extensive line of best sellers.

12. Scenteor Perfume Subscription Box

Source: https://www.subscriptionboxes.ca/shop/scenteor/

Scentor offers a range of women’s and men’s cologne subscription boxes. There is a range of perfumes and colognes that ranks more than 500 for different customers. Every first order for the customers is eligible for the velvet pouches and signature black cases. The company further offers free shipping to the US. Many perfume manufacturers and wholesalers go for Scentor perfume subscription boxes according to their customers.

13. Bare & Bond Perfume Subscription Box

Bare & Bond Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://bareandbond.com/

Bare & Bond offers a range of monthly perfume subscription boxes. It is easy for perfume wholesalers or manufacturers that offer delightful and exciting fragrances. Customers can choose from the wild range of fragrances, more adventurous, and quick exploration of different fragrances. A large section of the audience loves to go for the Bare & Bond perfume subscription boxes due to the range of the different products.

14. The Perfume Society Perfume Subscription Box

The Perfume Society Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://perfumesociety.org/

If you’re looking for something good in the women’s perfume subscription boxes, The Perfume Society is the ideal choice. There are options to select from the spring, summer, autumn, and winter fragrance needs of different customers. The company offers a range of perfumes from different brands and guides the customers through trying and wearing perfumes.

15. Wicked Good Perfume- Perfume Subscription Box

Wicked Good Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://wicked-good.co/

It offers a sustainable and naturally harvested range of perfumes in its subscription boxes. The customers are eligible for different scent goodies along with the delicate fragrances in this perfume box of the company. Not to miss are the perfumes that are available in different pricing and range of oil rollers to meet the demands of the increasing audience of perfume manufacturers and wholesalers.

16. DEBONAIR SCENT Perfume Subscription Box

DEBONAIR SCENT Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://www.debonairscent.com/

It is one of the popular perfume monthly subscription boxes. The other options from the brand include the cologne collection. These samples come with free vouchers that can be used on the purchase of a full bottle. It offers one sample perfume monthly and can be subscribed according to the user or gifting needs.

17. The Fragrance Club Perfume Subscription Box

The Fragrance Club Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://www.thefragrance.club/

It offers multiple samples to perfume lovers on a monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly basis. The single perfume unit in a rigid packaging box lets it takes the charge of your fragrance needs. Further, the rear side of the box contains the logo of The Fragrance Club to remember the right perfume partner. Hence, the company has cracked the balance of marketing and sales with this subscription box.

18. Perfume Surprise- Perfume Subscription Box

Perfume Surprise Subscription Box
Source: https://www.perfumesurprise.com/

This box is one of the best cologne subscription boxes as it offers five different scents from different manufacturers. The customized theme of every box makes it possible for the perfume wholesalers to offer a variety of options in one perfume subscription box only. It further adds new jewelry from the company side along with monthly delivery of the range of scents.

19. OLFACTIF Perfume Subscription Box

OLFACTIF Perfume Subscription Box
Source: https://www.olfactif.com/

The perfume subscription box comes from Olfactif which is popular for niche and international fragrances. A pack of three fragrances in a custom box allows the to try new fragrances. It can offer multiple options beyond the mainstream scenting range and hence is a suggested option for the perfume wholesalers that want to sell a range of products.

20. Hongyi Cardboard Perfume Subscription Box

Coming to the best fragrance subscription boxes, say goodbye to the boring perfume subscription boxes and help the creative and stylish Hongyi cardboard perfume subscription boxes. The uniform coating on the product and the perfect inserts for perfume bottles ensures that this perfume subscription box reaches the customer in perfect condition. It is a top choice of the perfume wholesalers and manufacturers that want to go with sustainable, versatile, and durable cardboard. Get the best of these boxes with zero scratches, zero cracks, and perfectly matching inserts from Hongyi.

Wrapping up

Packaging remains a king when it comes to the subscription business models. The best perfume subscription boxes hit the nail at the right point with their multidisciplinary benefits to the perfume manufacturers, wholesalers, and finally the customers. It is easy to find the best fragrance subscription box according to your customer’s needs. The top 20 examples of the perfume box design ideas ensure that there is something great for every wholesaler or perfume manufacturer. 

Not to miss is that the successful designs of these subscription boxes boost the sales and marketing for the perfume brands while strengthening the distribution network of the wholesalers. It becomes easy to select the best perfume subscription box when you can understand the material, type of printing, branding & marketing opportunities, and pricing of these perfume box design ideas.

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