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Plastic Perfume Box

Durable, versatile, and sustainable plastic is a perfect choice for perfume box packaging. We help perfume brands customize boxes under strict quality standards.

Home Plastic Perfume Box

Only 3 Steps Away From Your Dream Box

We make it easy for you to concentrate on your perfume brand vlaue and influence.

  • Quote & Design

    Our perfume box packaging experts are happy to answer all your question and give valuable advice.

  • Sample

    Get your custom cardboard perfume boxes within one week after a free consultation and quote.

  • Delivery

    Working with reliable logistics companies, we guarantee a safe delivery to your doorstep.

Benefits of Using Plastic for Perfume Box Packaging

  • Temperature Resistant

    Protect the perfume container from damages caused by temperatures.

  • Highly Flexible

    Plastic can adapt to almost any shape and size.

  • Reusable

    Plastic can be repeatedly used and helps you save costs.

  • Cost Effective

    Reduce cost in shipping and also your packaging investment.

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Strict Quality Inspection

  • Uniform Coating

    We remove extra glue and dirty marks before delivery.

  • Perfectly Match Inserts

    Perfume bottles inside the boxes don't tilt to the other side.

  • No Scratches

    Superior finishings done by our craftsmen bring smoothness.

  • No Cracks

    Strong glue holds pieces of raw materials together.

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Custom Perfume Boxes Make Your Brand Shine.

Let your perfume brand be known the world over with unique packaging brought by your custom perfume box manufacturer Hongyi.

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