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Cardboard Perfume Box

All kinds of sizes and shapes for your creative ideas and specific perfume products. Use cardboard perfume boxes to enhance your brand identity.

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Rigid Cardboard Box Manufacturer in China

With more than 20 years in cardboard box manufacturing, Hongyi has encountered many crucial milestones that defined who we are as a company. Now, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cardboard perfume boxes, rigid boxes, gift boxes, and cosmetic boxes.

We handle the design, printing, and production of wholesale cardboard boxes with a minimum order requirement of 3,000 pieces. Our skilled craftsmen have always worked closely with clients, ensuring we only produce high-quality and tailor-made luxury perfume boxes.

Why Customize Cardboard Box Designs for Your Brand

Why is it essential to have a custom rigid cardboard box for your brand? Here are the reasons why:


  • It truly protects your product.

Since there’s no one-size-fits-all box out there, it is crucial to know the value of getting a custom box design. The ideal box size for your product will be your first line of defense to safeguard your products, such as perfume and cosmetics.


  • It will entice new customers.

A custom-made cardboard box can draw in new customers because they will find the design and structure unique as though it was only fabricated just for your brand.


  • It can build up your brand image.

Customers find custom print cardboard boxes trendy, plus they can make your brand a signature utility. Remember, consumers trust and rely on these kinds of visuals that tend to leave lasting brand impressions.

Bespoke Rigid Cardboard Box Colors, Styles, and More

Our custom cardboard boxes are available in OEM and ODM orders which are easy and faster to market. Here in Hongyi, we ensure that our customers have an extensive selection when it comes to:

  • cardboard box materials
  • cardboard box styles
  • cardboard box shape
  • cardboard box colors
  • cardboard box sizes
  • cardboard box decoration and parts
  • cardboard box printing and logo
  • EVA, EPE, or Sponge liner
cardboard processing

We Print and Produce Luxury Cardboard Perfume Box In-House

With the help of Hongyi’s advanced printing technology, we can produce cardboard perfume boxes under digital, offset, or screen printing in CMYK, PMS, and more. Since we create our products in-house, the quality of the items produced is guaranteed as we combine the workforce of our high-tech machine and skilled workers’ craftsmanship. Moreover, expect a quick timetable of delivery. Contact us for OEM and ODM orders!

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Box Packaging Materials

Selecting materials that are friendly to the environment can boost your brand statement as an eco-friendly company. Here in Hongyi, we value environmental protection and sustainability. This is why we only use SGS certified cardboard materials for custom printed cardboard boxes. Furthermore, UV ink is used for printing, complementing the eco-friendly options we apply for production.


Take Advantage of Hongyi Wholesale Cardboard Gift Boxes

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    Affordable Cardboard Box Cost

    Hongyi is a cardboard gift box factory in China that offers affordable prices to wholesalers and brand owners. But, of course, the more quantity you buy, the greater the discount.

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    Fully Custom Made Cardboard Boxes

    We are your trusted perfume gift box supplier that offers OEM and ODM manufacturing cardboard boxes. Just tell us what you need, and we will deliver.

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    Short Lead Time

    Since we manufacture in-house, we can guarantee that we can finish your orders and deliver them quickly because time is essential to our clients.

Custom Perfume Boxes Make Your Brand Shine.

Let your perfume brand be known the world over with unique packaging brought by your custom perfume box manufacturer Hongyi.

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