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Making bespoke perfume boxes to partner your perfume products is at the heart of Hongyi’s manufacturing philosophy. Our talented experts painstakingly work to produce the finest perfume boxes to bring your brand to new heights.

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Custom Perfume Box

We Cover Various Needs

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You can find high-quality perfume boxes that protect the perfume bottle and contents from heat, moisture, and damage from transit. Reach our team today to talk about your perfume box packaging project.

We Use Recyclable and Biodegradable Materials

Choosing materials that are friendly to the environment improves your brand identity as an eco-friendly company, attracting more customers to your brand.

Valuing sustainability and environmental protection, we use biodegradable wood, cardboard, and polyurethane materials for custom perfume boxes. UV ink is also used for printing, complementing the eco-friendly options we apply for production.

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    Your Custom Perfume Box Maker in China

    For over two decades as a custom box company, Hongyi has always been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom perfume boxes, gift boxes, and cosmetic boxes made of wood, cardboard, and plastic.

    We handle the design, printing, and production of luxury perfume boxes for any OEM & ODM projects. Our skilled craftsmen have always worked closely with clients, ensuring we can design market-oriented custom perfume boxes that tell the character of their brand identity to draw their target market.

    Supply Your Product in Quality Custom Branded Boxes

    We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of print cardboard boxes that perfume makers and other businesses can use to supply their products. Packing perfumes in hard cardboard boxes is an ideal option to elevate the look of your product. We strive hard to produce quality and luxurious boxes to provide a lasting image of your brand. 


    Along with manufacturing boxes for our consumers, we help them with matching labels to give your product a professional look. No matter what shape you are manufacturing the perfume bottles, we can create custom boxes for them all. From box colors to sustainable perfume box materials and box sizes, you will not have to worry about the packaging options.


    When ordering perfume boxes with us, you get a variety of options trusted by numerous businesses like you.

    paper materials


    We manufacture packaging boxes in multiple material options for our consumers to choose from. You can choose from plastic, cardboard, or wood boxes that will be custom-made as per your needs. Quality products and services are offered to prove to be the most reliable options.



    Besides manufacturing durable boxes, we coat them with superior materials like paper, fabric, and other soft-touch materials to elevate your branding.

    Cardboard box packaging

    Custom Printed Perfume Box with Logo

    The perfume boxes manufactured at our unit can be customized with your design choice; it can be a logo or any identity mark of your brand. We offer custom printing options for next-level packaging solutions to businesses.

    Rigid box packaging

    Box Structure Design

    The design and structure of the box are all made appropriate for your perfume bottles. We take proper measurements and then create the most ideal packaging box.

    A Perfume Box

    Custom Box Inserts

    We use paper inserts, cardboard inserts, or foam inserts for your product packaging. Our packaging inlays are made to fit to protect perfume or other products and present them in an excellent way.


    Artwork Printing

    We have several artworks printed and supplied with packaging boxes to add value to your product. We also provide printed labels, stickers, brochures, and thank you cards.

    Plastic Box Packaging

    Luxury Style

    The final style provided to custom packaging boxes is luxurious, and premium packaging solutions are provided at affordable rates.

    custom perfume box packaging

    Luxury Perfume Box Design for Brand Image Promotion

    We believe that your perfume packaging box design foretells about your brand. Hence, if you wish to have a good branding image, you need to invest in sophisticated packaging to entice customers and gain huge market support.

    Whether you want luxury materials and accessories for your perfume product, Hongyi can provide them all. And with the help of our skilled team, you can have exquisite designs for your box packaging project facing more upscale market users.

    Perfume Box Printing Brings Your Design to Life

    Your unique perfume box design is no longer just a draft. We help you to present the exquisite design effect in real objects and make your box packaging stand out in the market by exquisite printing.

    With the help of our advanced printing technology, Hongyi can produce custom design perfume boxes covered with printed paper, fabric, or leather under digital, offset, or screen printing in CMYK and PMS for logo and graphic design. Lithographic/offset printing, flexo printing, digital printing, gravure printing, silkscreen printing, UV printing, laser printing, and other printing methods are available.

    Our eco-friendly printing perfume boxes also help build your sustainable perfume brand.

    Perfume Box Manufaturer
    Hongyi Design scaled

    Custom Packaging Box for More Brands to Build A Strong Shelf Impact

    With extensive experience in the industry, we have been manufacturing high-quality custom boxes for a wide variety of products. We offer custom design services and provide complete freedom to be as creative as possible. Your brand and your consumers deserve the best, and hence we are committed to bringing packaging to life for our consumers. Our rigid boxes will help showcase the greatness of the perfume or any other product and offer a trendy and luxurious feel along with superior protection.

    • for jewelry packaging
    • for cosmetic packaging
    • for gift packaging
    • for luxury fashion packaging

    Take Advantage Of Hongyi Wholesale Plastic Packaging Boxes

    Custom Perfume Boxes Make Your Brand Shine.

    Let your perfume brand be known the world over with unique packaging brought by your custom perfume box manufacturer Hongyi.

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