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About Hongyi

From humble beginnings to our current success, Hongyi has kept its vision of providing its clients with high-end perfume packaging.

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Perfume Rigid and Perfume Box Manufacturer

Located in the town of Humen in Dongguan City, Hongyi is a leading perfume packaging box manufacturer dedicated to meeting the diverse perfume packaging needs of clients. Established in 2000, the company operates a state-of-the-art factory spanning over 10,000 square meters and employing 300+ skilled craftsmen, along with advanced machinery. By combining strict quality control with the use of sustainable eco-friendly materials, Hongyi has successfully produced high-quality perfume boxes that rival those from the Middle East and Europe, earning the trust and business of numerous clients throughout the years.


Create Your Perfume Box Process

As a professional perfume packaging box manufacturer, we understand the importance of having custom perfume packaging as a means to improve the brand and attract more business.

Working closely with clients, our skilled craftsmen go through the project step by step, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory production process from concept to delivery.


Safe and Sustainable Materials

Leading the charge on environment-friendly perfume packaging box, we take every step to guarantee that our products are safe for both consumers and nature while providing high-end perfume packaging boxes.

Raw materials used for the production of our perfume packaging box are carefully procured from reliable material suppliers, making sure they are recyclable and biodegradable.

Eco-friendly UV ink is also used for printing, adding another step to our goal of eco safety. Additionally, proper temperature control in the facility is practiced to lower carbon footprint.


What People Say

Company Milestone

With over 20 years as a world-class perfume box manufacturer, Hongyi has met several important milestones that defined who we are as a company.

Custom Perfume Boxes Make Your Brand Shine.

Let your perfume brand be known the world over with unique packaging brought by your custom perfume box manufacturer Hongyi.

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