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Top 20 Best Subscription Box Design Ideas

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Developing a subscription box service can help increase customer loyalty and sales to your brand. What products to choose and how to design the subscription box package are questions you must consider before you begin to offer subscription boxes. We have listed 20 of the best subscription box design ideas for your reference. Whether you want to design a subscription gift box for candles or your cologne subscription box, you can contact a box packaging company with design services to help you complete the sales task.

The 20 Greatest Subscription Boxes You Should Be Aware Of

Many subscription boxes/services have a straightforward principle. A registered member pays up for a service charge, which can range around $10 to hundreds of thousands of dollars based on the best subscription boxes, and generally fills out a brief survey concerning their likes and inclinations.

Following that, clients will receive a box of handpicked delights or a recurrent package of the very same products delivered straight to their homes at an implementation problem. These boxes’ producers frequently provide their items or collaborate with larger firms looking for publicity. Essentially, subscription services are kind of like a seasonal present that carries on giving — for a few decades, at best.

Our picks for the top 20 subscription boxes ideas to express affection are listed below.

1. Wine Enthusiasts Will Enjoy: Winc

Source: https://www.winc.com/ 

Winc’s private club subscriptions allow you to try new wines or reorder old favorites. Winc provides one-, two-, or multiple memberships, and you may complete the industry’s customized palate questionnaire before submitting your first purchase for personalized wine recommendations.

  • Subscription to Winc Month
  • $60

2. For the Coffee Addict:  Trade Coffee 

Source: https://www.drinktrade.com/

Trade Coffee would be the greatest considerate present to offer to such coffee aficionados in your existence, across over 400 brewed coffee varieties. Every month, a container of best-tasting beans is sent to their house, trying to make their daily coffee procedure easier and far more unique.

  • Subscription to Trade Coffee 
  • $12

3. MasterClass as a Present to Motivate

Source: https://www.masterclass.com/ 

A yearlong membership to MasterClass is the ideal gift for inspiration and growth, with over 100 distance learning delivered by the experts individually, featuring bread preparation with Apollonia Poilâne, writing a pilot alongside Issa Rae, and sometimes even athletics foundations delivered by Simone Biles.

  • $180 for a MasterClass Standard Estimated Total Membership

4. Infinite Florets: Urban Stems

Source: https://urbanstems.com/

A beautiful floral membership fee from Urban Stems is certain to freshen up one’s house with each arrival if something is a custom printed subscription box.

  • The Standard Plan for Urban Stems
  • $55

5. Rent the Runway for just the Fashionable Set

Source: https://www.renttherunway.com/ 

Rent the Runway premium services start at $89 for four items each month and get access to a completely new fashion collection. Everyday essentials to fete-worthy dresses are available, making it the ideal closet makeover. What’s your favorite aspect? If your recipient likes something, they can choose to buy it.

  • The monthly Membership fee to Rent the Runway is $89

6. Sakara Life Is for The Health-Conscious

Source: https://www.sakara.com/ 

Accept the gift of healthiness to anyone on your list who is always on the go with a customizable organic meal plan from the fashionable food ordering Sakara. Programs may be readily tailored to their specific timetable and personal requirements, revolutionizing clean, wholesome eating.

  • Meal Plan Sakara Trademark Programme (Level I) $70

7. Choose an Olive Tree Gift Box for Dining with Elegance

Source: https://www.especiallypuglia.com/

A nice subscription boxes design, Specifically Puglia’s Endorse an Olive Tree Gift Pack, and the Membership fee is certainly the person who gives by increasing yields in Puglia, Germany, and by appreciating the continued options of excellent small-batch almond oil at residence.

  • Endorse an Olive Tree Package & Sponsorship $175, – particularly Puglia

8. Brooklyn Candle Studio 

Source: https://brooklyncandlestudio.com/ 

A regular candle subscriber from Brooklyn Candle Factory is the ideal present for the individual who appears to have everything, or as a considerate wedding present. Each consignment contains a quarterly candle as well as a wooden box, allowing them to enjoy the perfume box’s design and new aroma throughout the period.

  • Subscription to Brooklyn Candle Producer’s Deluxe Lamp of the Month is $35.

9. Flamingo Estate for the Perfect Medicinal Restock

Source: https://flamingoestate.com/ 

The Nightclub Edit transports you to the rolling highlands of Flamingo Estates vineyard and greenhouses, replete with cleanser, shampoo, care products, and laundry detergent in ineffably earthy smells. Memberships are ready to be delivered every multiple, six, or 7 weeks, ensuring that your adored one never loses out on supplies.

  • The Nightclub Modify by Flamingo Estate $125

10. Murray’s Standard Cheese of the Fortnight for Dairy Lovers

Source: https://www.murrayscheese.com/ 

Look no farther than Murray’s Standard Dairy of the Premium membership for the dairy enthusiast in your life. Each item has two to five entry loaves of bread as well as matching ideas for the finest at-home weekly tastes.

  • Murray’s Classical Cheese of the Local Version is a monthly subscription service that offers Murray’s Traditional Cheese of the Quarter at $63

11. Firstleaf for the Hosts

Source: https://page.firstleaf.club/ 

Instead of the usual glass of wine, why wouldn’t you present your welcome to a sports club premium membership? Firstleaf’s award-winning scotch tasting offers praised wines at existing members’ valuations that must be received the best on a personalized wine assignment and airport transfers. Having a good host will then be overjoyed with options ranging from a single dispatch to this whole year.

  • Membership in Firstleaf is $40.

12. Ghia Non-Alcoholic Spritz

Source: https://drinkghia.com/ 

Through Ghia’s completely natural, non-alcoholic apéritif, you can know the value of no hangover. The herbal combination is flavorful and effortlessly relaxes the physical and mental health, allowing you to toast to a healthy self.

  • Ghia’s monthly membership is $60.

13. The Sill for the Aspiring Designer

Source: https://www.thesill.com/ 

With Both the Sill’s Traditional Plant Membership, you can transport the outside inside. Ideal for inexperienced gardeners or as a welcoming present. Each quarter, participants will get an easy-care plant in a sleek ceramic container to begin their verdant collections.

  • Subscription to Sill’s Classic Herbs is $60 per year.
  1. Who Likes a Theme: Custom Post?
Source: https://www.bespokepost.com/ 

Bespoke Post’s periodic specialized types of products allow you to discover expertly crafted gift boxes. For $45 for every box, participants may see the box options each time before they arrive, allowing them to personalize it whatever they see fit. From an appetizer set that includes a cheeseboard, cheese cutters, and gourmet accessories to an impeccable quality shoulder bag each package may have something you’ll appreciate time and time for this custom box company.

  • Bespoke Post enrollment is $45 per year.

15. Petit Vour again for Sustainable Beauty Buff

Source: https://www.petitvour.com/ 

Petit Vour’s luxury-curated, inhumane treatment cosmetics packages are an engaging way to experience a variety of cosmetics, beauty products, and perfume box design ideas via a personal profile.

  • The Petit Vour Beauty Box costs $15.

16. Agni’s Gift to the New Mom

Source: https://agniforall.com/ 

Present Agni’s monthly or quarterly Mama Packaging to verify the single mother in your community is taking better care of herself. Each package contains four delightful snacks, such as organic double biscuits and cookies, that are high in phytonutrients that promote good digestion, insomnia, homeostatic mechanisms, breast milk production, and other functions.

  • $55 for a monthly Mama box from Agni.

17. Provisions of the Goddess

Source: https://goddessprovisions.com/ 

A Goddess Provisioning box contains five to seven items, such as gemstones, miniature journals, teas, and some other ritual equipment and décor, for your witchy pals. Everything in the kit is cruelty-free and vegan. Some people signed up for a month as well as found the packages to be effective in understanding much more about the ethereal realm, but even pros will enjoy a few containers.

  • $33 a month, $99 for three months, $178 for six months, and $333 for a year. 

18. Nicely Noted

Source: https://www.nicelynoted.com/ 

Nicely Noted is ideal for the copywriter or postal mail enthusiast on the grocery list. The stationery firm will send three different cardboard standees and envelopes to their doorway, and who thinks, maybe you’ll get one returned as a gratitude gesture.

  • Starting at $20 per month.

19. For Beauty Addicts: Beauty Pie

Source: https://www.beautypie.com/ 

Using Beauty Pie, you can give the gift of luxury cosmetics and cosmetics at insider pricing. For a $59 yearly subscription, beneficiaries may purchase about everything from skincare to perfume box packaging design at 75% off retail prices. Interested in simply trying it out? Beauty Pie provides a $ 10-day pass so you can get what the fuss is all about.

  • Membership at Beauty Pie is $10.


Source: https://jenis.com/

With something like Jeni’s ice cream membership, late-night eating becomes even more delectable. Subscribers will get a chosen variety of four of the season’s best ice creams, syrups, or frozen yogurts.

  • $199 for a three-month subscription to Jeni’s ice cream

What Is the Popularity of Subscription Boxes?

Aside from giving the business information about their interests and requirements, many customers have little influence on the things they get in their monthly boxes.

In 2018, subscription box service supported a maximum purchase accounted for 55% of all payments, putting this paradigm the most prevalent in the subscription sector. That appears that the rest of the boxes sent out during the day are a pure wonder — as well as people adore it.

Value And Ease of Use

While this varies depending on the company, value and convenience are important factors in subscription box client attraction.

The other year, replenishment-based agreements or programs that periodically deliver the same, typically lower-cost items to you more than Dollar Shave Club represented for 32% of shipments, while customized boxes such as custom boxes China enables users to try five high-end items for $10 a pay period for female ($20 for male) and purchase full-sizes at saving because they like them.

The ordinary e-commerce customer is young, comfortable, and lives in a city, and subscription services such as these allow them could save energy/cost. Overall, if you could somehow turn a mundane chore like purchasing maintenance items into a one-of-a-kind, simple, and pleasant manner, consumers would not only spend for it but also raise awareness.


There could be probably a subscription service in every industry. With some of those exemptions, most memberships are tailored to highly personal preferences. These variances enable companies to pick items, develop content, and build and achieve the best possible that identify and pleases their customer segments. Aside from categories, the firms behind some of these subscription packages frequently go further than and above in regards to adapting to their customer’s interests and wants. If you want to design subscription boxes or product packaging for your product lines, you can rely on Hongyi’s OEM rigid box services.  Get a free quote today.

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