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What Are Cigar Boxes/Humidors, and How to Get Custom Cigar Boxes?

Home Blogs What Are Cigar Boxes/Humidors, and How to Get Custom Cigar Boxes?

If you’re reading this, it’s presumably because you’ve come across the term “cigar humidors” and you may need OEM cigar boxes.

Before delving into the topic, you should know that a cigar and a cigarette are not the same things. Even though both are made of tobacco, cigars are rolled in a tobacco leaf, whilst cigarettes are wrapped in paper.

Cigars are more sophisticated than cigarettes; thus, they must be stored in a special box to preserve their quality.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn more about cigar humidors and how to get custom cigar humidors.

What Is a Cigar Humidor?

Cigar humidor
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Cigars exude a sense of grandeur. Anyone who smokes a cigar exudes splendor and sophistication. As a result, it is unsurprising that such an opulent item is pricey and must be cared for.

Cigar humidors are boxes that keep and preserve cigar quality. You may be wondering why cigar humidors and not just any box. Your concern is appreciated. However, it cannot be justified because cigars lose flavor when exposed to air.

To have a fantastic smoking experience, the cigars must be of high quality. When exposed to air, cigars absorb moisture, damaging the flavor and resulting in an unpleasant smoking session.

Humidors for cigars Make sure that your cigars do not become too dry or too damp. It maintains the warmth and humidity of cigars while allowing you to enjoy the delightful sensation of smoking.

What Are Cigar Humidors Made Of?

As previously said, a cigar humidor is not just any ordinary box. It is a product with a system to protect the quality of the cigars.

Cigar humidors comprise Spanish cedar and a humidifier, which work together to keep the cigars fresh.

The Spanish Cedar

The majority of cigar humidors on the market have a wooden lining. This wooden lining is composed of wood known as Spanish cedar.

Spanish cedar has the property of swiftly absorbing and releasing moisture, thereby balancing the humidity in the humidor.

If the moisture content of the cedar wood is higher, it absorbs more moisture. So, before storing cigars, the cedar wood must be moistened.


After seasoning the humidor and keeping the cigars, the humidifier’s role is to keep the humidity and moisture of the box consistent. The humidifier aims to provide moisture in the box while the Spanish cedar absorbs any excess.

How Cigar Humidor Works?

A black cigar humidor
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Now that we’ve established what cigar humidors are and why they’re necessary for storing your finest cigars let’s look at how they function.

Cigars are highly hydrophilic, absorbing excess moisture from the air or drying out in locations with low humidity, which is why the right cigar humidor is essential in preserving the quality of the cigars.

Cigar humidors operate on the principle that one component provides the required moisture while the other absorbs the excess moisture. Both features must work together to maintain the cigar box’s temperature and humidity levels.

The purpose of the Spanish cedar is to remove excess moisture whilst the humidifier delivers moisture. Because Spanish cedar absorbs extra moisture, it is vital to season the cedar with sufficient moisture before keeping the cigars.

Cigars are stored after adequate seasoning, and the humidifier does its job.A decent humidifier maintains the freshness of the cigars housed within it. There are different types of humidifiers on the market. The different types include foam-based blocks that absorb distilled water and gel-based humidifiers.

Recharging humidifiers is another vital role that owners should perform on a regular basis, just as seasoning is for Spanish cedar.

Recharge foam-based humidifiers with water regularly. If it is a gel-based humidifier, refill it with appropriate gel-based moisturizing agents. It is imperative to remember that both the Spanish cedar and the humidifier must be in excellent condition to function properly and balance the environment.

The Role of the Hygrometer

Cigar humidor
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A decent hygrometer is another crucial component of a good cigar humidor. The hygrometer has nothing to do with the humidor’s performance, but it is critical to know how well the humidor is functioning. The hygrometer measures the humidity within the box and alerts you if the condition is good or bad.

The ideal relative humidity is 70%, while the perfect temperature is &70°F. If the humidity or temperature levels are lower or higher than desired, it is a sign that the humidifier needs to be replenished. 

The hygrometer is available in both digital and analog versions, with the analog version including a needle that spins within a circle monitor.

It is recommended that the hygrometer be checked once a week to adjust the humidity level in the humidor. To achieve reliable readings, make sure to calibrate the hygrometer on a regular basis.


We already know that the humidor should be set to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Though not every cigar humidor on the market includes a thermostat, having a component that allows you to manage the temperature conditions would be a cool and better option.

If your cigar box contains an innovative feature, such as a heater or cooler, the thermostat’s role is to control these beneficial features for you. Though the existence of a thermostat is not strictly necessary, it does aid in the preservation of the cigars’ freshness.

How Long Do Cigar Humidors Last?

 Leather cigar humidor
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A person who has consumed the best cigar will go to any length to relive the same sensation as many times as they desire. The cigar humidor provides the required conditions for preserving the quality of cigars so that you may enjoy a satisfactory smoking experience.

A premium grade cigar humidor is essential for avoiding damp, soggy cigars and dried-up, ash-flavored cigars. 

The next step is to keep them in good shape by checking the temperature and humidity levels of the cigar humidors on a regular basis.

Cigar humidors are high-quality products. Unless you like to use a different humidor, they don’t need to be replaced for a while. Because cigars are a premium quality product, cigar humidors are built to be long-lasting and high-quality enough to protect those smokes.

How Long Can Cigars Last in Cigar Humidors?

Cigars are similar to wine. The more they age, the better the taste. Cigars have no expiry date; they can last for years and still taste better, that is, if preserved well. Passionate cigar smokers prefer aged cigars as they not only are of better quality than fresh ones they also give better feeling and taste.

Make sure your cigars are preserved well in a humidor and not overexposed outside. According to most, cigars stored for more than five years have a refined flavor and aroma.

How to Set Up a Cigar Box/Humidor?

Cigar humidor
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Now you may have decided to purchase a cigar humidor, or you may have already bought it by now. Now you may be itching to place your cigars into the new cigar box; before you do, halt.

Before placing cigars into the cigar box, it is necessary to set up the cigar box. The cedar in the humidor may not be adequately seasoned; if you place the cigars before proper seasoning, the moisture from the cigars would be absorbed by the wood and dry out the cigars. 

Before assembling the cigars, processes such as seasoning should be completed.

How Much Time Does It Take To Season a Humidor?

Before we begin, keep in mind that setting up or seasoning the humidor might take up to 3 to 5 days.

You will need the following items before you begin seasoning a humidor:

  1. Humidification System
  2. Hygrometer
  3. Calibration Kit for Hygrometers
  4. Solution of Propylene Glycol
  5. Distilled Water 1 gallon
  6. A brand-new kitchen sponge
  7. A glass dish
  8. A clean dish rag

Steps to Season a Humidor:

  • Calibrate the Hygrometer

Before beginning the procedure, the hygrometer must be calibrated. The hygrometer is required to determine whether or not the humidifier is working properly. Calibration is required for both digital and analog hygrometers.

  • Filling the Humidifier

The humidification unit must then be refilled. To replenish the humidifier, use distilled water or a propylene glycol solution. Avoid using tap water because it might create mold on both your cigars and the humidor.

  • Humidify the Humidor

The humidor must then be humidified. To accomplish this, use a wet sponge to wipe the inside of the humidor. The sponge should not be overly saturated. This technique accelerates the humidifying process. When wiping, make sure to use distilled water.

After wiping, place the damp sponge on top of a plastic cover to prevent it from coming into contact with the wood. 

Put the lid back and leave it for 3-5 days. You can even wait for more than two weeks. Typically, cigar connoisseurs will wait more than two weeks to humidify the humidor.

  • Check the Humidity Level

After 3-5 days, use the hygrometer to monitor the humidity level in the humidor. The process is complete when the humidity level is 75% to 85% RH (Relative Humidity).

The provided average humidity may be excessive, but after the cigars are stored, they will absorb the majority of the moisture. As a reason, the relative humidity in the humidor must be between 75% and 85%.

  • Fill the Humidor With Water

Fill the humidors with cigars once the humidity levels have been met. Be mindful not to overfill the box.

Overfilling the box will prevent the cigars from aging, preserving them evenly. It is best to provide some space so that all cigars can receive adequate air and humidity.

  • The Effects of Climate on Humidifiers

Suppose you live in an area with various seasons and extreme weather conditions. Then it’s advisable to keep a check on the humidor frequently. Make sure to replenish your humidification source regularly, especially during hot seasons.

What Makes a Good Cigar Box/Humidor?

Cigar humidor with a hygrometer
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We’ve covered why cigar humidors are used, the process of how cigar humidors function, and even how to set up cigar humidors up to this point. Not only do the methods listed above play a role in maintaining and preserving your cigars, but so does the quality of the cigar humidor.

Counterfeit products are popular in the marketplace. They may be inexpensive, but they lack quality and value. As a novice, you may be enticed to purchase the greatest cigar humidor, only to wind up with a low-quality cigar box.

Here are some features to look for when buying the proper cigar humidor:

  • Size of the Humidor

Humidors that can hold up to 100 cigars are available. The real deal is selecting the appropriate size. If you are a casual smoker with only a few cigars, you can get a humidor with a capacity of 25 cigars.

Make sure to get a box that is somewhat larger than the number of cigars you have. The cigar box should be wide enough to allow air and humidity to circulate evenly among all cigars.

  • Type of Materials

On the inside, most humidors are made of hardwood or composite wood lined with a cedar veneer. Hardwood or solid wood are the most expensive but finest choices when it comes to lining wood.

Because hardwood absorbs more vigorously than composite wood.

When it comes to cigar humidors, the exterior of the wood is equally important. However, because most people want an appealing look, veneer wood is used on the surface.

  • Examine the Seal

The most vital step is to inspect the quality of the humidor’s seal. The seal is the point at which the lid and the box come together. Some seals may not be securely built, allowing air inside and lowering the flavor of the cigars.

Close the humidor and lock the seal to inspect the seal. If you notice any gaps or unevenness, it indicates that the humidity will escape. Make sure that the humidor has a tight closure with no openings.

  • Humidification System

The second crucial feature to look for is humidification. Most humidors include a humidification unit into which distilled water is poured. Those who do not have a humidification unit have various options, such as units, beads, crystals, and humidity pouches. When refilling the humidifier, use distilled water or a propylene glycol solution.

  • Hygrometers

Hygrometers are vital for informing owners that the humidity level within the cigar box is optimum. There are both digital and analog hygrometers available. Additionally, most digital models include a temperature gauge, which informs the owner of the box’s humidity levels.

Cigar Box Design Ideas 

Cigar humidor
Source: Pinterest

After deciding to purchase cigars, you may be looking for innovative designs for your cigar boxes.

Searching the internet for the right design is a time-consuming endeavor. No worries, we’ve made things easier for you.

Here are some cigar box design considerations for you to explore.

1. Wooden Cigar Case Set With Hygrometer 

cigar humidor
Source: Pinterest

Material: Wooden

Design: Simple and sophisticated

The design seen above is a traditional wooden cigar humidor.

2. Steel Cigar Box

Cigar Box
Source: Pinterest

Material: Steel

Design: Simple and perfect

The cigars are neatly stacked in the steel box. There is no humidifier in this box.

3. Compact Wooden Cigar Box

Cigar humidor
Source: Pinterest

Material: Wooden

Design: Plain and compact

The cigars are nicely and properly stacked in this box, offering a neat vibe.

4. Polished Wood Cigar Humidor With Hygrometer

cigar humidor
Source: Pinterest

Material: Wood

Design: Simple

The cigar box has an attractive appearance that includes a hygrometer and a clear lid.

5. Leather Cigar Box

cigar humidor
Source: Pinterest

Material: Leather

Design: Casual

The leather cigar box has a casual appearance and can be carried anywhere.

Get Your Custom Cigar Boxes/Humidors for Wholesale or Brand Building

cigar humidor
Source: Pinterest

Cigars are the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Such a delicate item must be kept adequately to retain its freshness and flavor. As a result, cigar humidors are used.

Cigar humidors can also be given as a gift. If your friend enjoys smoking cigars, you can give them a regular or customized cigar box as a thoughtful present.

If you manufacture and sell cigars, having your own custom printed cigar boxes is a must.

There are numerous cigar box manufacturers all around the world. These companies can assist you in customizing and creating cigar humidors for your brands. You can also boost your cigar humidor wholesale business with the aid of the manufacturers.

Customizing cigar boxes is necessary if you want to enhance your sales. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • To Build Your Brand

To sell a product, it must be exposed to a large number of customers. Though the most crucial aspect is the product’s quality, attention to packing is also necessary.

Especially when it comes to cigar boxes, cigars emanate lavish qualities, and the box in which they are stored must do the same.

Customizing cigar boxes captures the consumer’s attention while also increasing brand exposure.

  • Preserve the Flavor

In a cigar humidor, cigars should be kept in excellent condition. The cigar box should be of good quality to ensure freshness. Using store-bought cigar boxes may not aid in the preservation of the quality.

Market-purchased cigar boxes may not fit your cigars since they are either too wide or too small. They may not be appealing and may be built of low-cost wood.

When creating your cigar box, you have complete control over the materials, size, and style. Simply provide the manufacturer with basic information such as cigar box size, capacity, and the type of cedarwood to be used as lining. As a result, the cigar’s flavor and quality are preserved.

  • Fill the Requirements

Customizing your cigar box entails customizing the package to your specifications. By determining the size of the cigars, the cigar box manufacturer will construct a box that is compact enough to hold the specific length of cigars.

Capacity is also necessary. You can sell cigar boxes with capacities ranging from 25 to 50 cigars. Mentioning this to your manufacturer will allow them to create the appropriate boxes that can handle the given capacity.

Aside from size and capacity, you can also recommend color, material, and designs to make your cigar humidor stand out to your customers.

  • Increases Customer Base

Customizing your brand’s cigar boxes attracts passionate cigar enthusiasts to your goods. If a customer appreciates your products, they will undoubtedly suggest the brand to others. And how do they explain it? By displaying the cigar box or mentioning your company’s name.

Customers will identify your packaging or brand name and begin purchasing your cigars. Customers value distinctiveness, so custom packaging is essential for business owners.


We’ve reached the conclusion of the article. You may now comprehend the significance of cigar boxes and why they are necessary for cigar storage.

Cigar boxes aren’t just for cigar enthusiasts. Cigar humidors are fantastic gift choices for non – smokers who want to get something special for a cigar enthusiast friend or acquaintance.

If you are looking for customized cigar box/humidor makers, feel free to look at Hongyi’s services, which may be exactly what you are looking for.

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