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A Complete Guide to Rigid Cardboard Box for Your Product Packaging

Home Blogs A Complete Guide to Rigid Cardboard Box for Your Product Packaging

There are various types of boxes with desirable qualities when it comes to packaging. Among different types, the popular choice is the type of box that is instantly recognized and convenient to carry and transport. The one and one product package that can fulfill all those features is none other than the rigid cardboard box.

When it comes to packaging, many brands prefer rigid cardboard boxes. These boxes not only have a refined appearance, but they are also substantial enough to carry heavy items.

Since being unique is a crucial component of running a business, let’s learn more about rigid cardboard boxes and how to find the right one.

What Is a Rigid Cardboard Box?

A rigid box for perfume
Source: Pinterest

Rigid cardboard boxes, as opposed to folding cartons, are made of durable paperboard. Rigid cardboard boxes are available in a plethora of colors, patterns, designs, and embellishments; thanks to these many features, rigid cardboard boxes exude luxurious and opulent vibes.

When exposed to damage, typical paperboard boxes bend or alter their shape. However, rigid cardboard boxes are tough to fold due to their stiffness and toughness. This explains why the majority of brands favor rigid cardboard boxes.

As previously said, rigid cardboard boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are even embossed with images, textured, or glossy material. Most brands favor customized rigid cardboard boxes to create and retain their brand’s individuality.

Advantages of Rigid Cardboard Box for Product Packaging

A creative rigid box
Source: Pinterest

Rigid cardboard boxes have a sense of elegance and individuality, which explains why they are one of the market’s most popular packaging options. Is its elegance, though, its only selling point? Certainly not.

Here are some of the perks of rigid cardboard boxes for product packaging. You ought to have a good idea of rigid cardboard boxes by the end of this.

Rigid Cardboard Boxes Are Robust

Rigid cardboard boxes are an enhanced version of the standard paperboard box. The only difference is that cardboard boxes are thicker and more durable due to the foundation of many creative papers glued to a chipboard frame.

Though it appears to be any regular box, it is relatively robust to see and hold. They do not alter shape due to their great stiffness, regardless of how severe the damage is.

Luxury labels such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Louis Vuitton use rigid cardboard boxes as packaging for their premium vibes and because they can hold products regardless of how hefty they are.

Exudes a Sense of Classiness

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

A product must be unique and well packaged to draw the customer’s attention, which rigid box packaging can provide.

Rigid cardboard boxes exude a touch of style, which is a quality that no one can refute. Amidst a shelf of multiple products, the one with the best packaging stands out and entices the consumer to buy it.

Not only that, choosing rigid cardboard boxes as your packaging is one of the many ways you can promote your products organically.

In social media, you may have witnessed lots of influencers promoting products. These products are wrapped in the finest package to reach millions of valuable consumers. If any one of the buyers liked your product, they may post it online and recommend it to others, which is why it is recommended for owners to spend money on the custom rigid cardboard box packaging.

Rigid Boxes Are Nice to Touch and Carry

Rigid cardboard boxes exude an opulent aura. They are not only beautiful to look at but also to hold. Since the process of making rigid cardboard boxes is pressing sheets onto the chipboard and laminating it, it is no wonder they are smooth to touch.

Rigid Boxes Offer Better Protection to the Products

It is no surprise that a box strong enough to carry items and suffers minimal damage offers better protection to the product within it. With proper packaging, one need not worry about the product’s safety.

Rigid Boxes Have Magnetic Closures

Rigid cardboard boxes with magnetic closures are the most popular choices for rigid box packaging. The magnetic closures are such a handy feature. Jewelry boxes, chocolate boxes are some examples of rigid magnetic boxes.

If you look closely at rigid boxes with magnetic closures, you may notice that the magnets are not visible. This is because the magnets are perfectly disguised within the chipboard wall, making their existence unnoticeable.

Though rigid boxes without magnetic closures are available, magnetic ones can enhance the quality of your product.

Rigid Cardboard Boxes Are Sophisticated to Eyes

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

To make the product more appealing to buyers, one may consider putting designs and unique patterns on the packaging. Though designs are vital for a product to stand out, they are unnecessary. This is especially true for sturdy cardboard boxes.

Rigid cardboard boxes are laminated boxes that appear and feel great even when they do not have any particular designs. Simply writing your brand name on top of the package will make your product stand out from the crowd.

Rigid Cardboard Boxes Appear Classy and Elegant

Another compelling reason why rigid boxes are superior is their sharp pointed edges. A product’s packaging must be flawless in order for it to appear purchasable. Rigid boxes with pointy edges is yet another reason why it looks rich. 

If the rigid box happens to have blunt edges, customers presume to think that the product is faulty, so it is vital to make sure that the rigid box packaging has sharp, neat edges.

Eco-Friendly Boxes 

Since they are made of cardboard, rigid cardboard boxes are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly packaging invites positive opinions. Therefore, using eco-friendly packaging is a great tactic in winning your customer’s trust. 

Cardboard Box Materials for Product Packaging

If you are still reading this article, you might have decided to choose custom rigid cardboard boxes for your product packaging. Before you go to the manufacturer, you should be aware that you will be the one to decide on the type of material, size, and style of the box.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed; the objective of this article is to help you choose the best packaging for your business. Here are some of the materials that are utilized in rigid box packaging:

Duplex Board

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

Duplex board is two-layer cardboard that is grey on both sides. The exterior of the duplex board is painted glossy, while the inner is tinted grey. Pharmaceutical boxes are one type of duplex cardboard box.

Duplex board is frequently used in packaging that demands a high level of printability. Garment boxes and pharmaceutical boxes are two such examples.


A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

Chipboard can be thought of as the rigid cardboard box’s base. Chipboard is made from recycled newspaper and discarded corrugated cardboard. The sturdiness of chipboard makes rigid cardboard boxes tough and resistant to harm.

Designer paper wraps are printed, foil-stamped, and finished in several ways after the chipboard is created, cut, and assembled.

Embellished Papers and Other Materials

To make rigid boxes, chipboard, ornamented paper such as glossy paper, and color paper are all employed together. Choose a specific color of glossy paper if you want a polished appearance. Choose matte paper if you desire a matte look. Your brand name, designs, and other information are printed and glued along with the paper.

Polystyrene Foam

In a rigid box, the product is neatly placed in a foam material. This foam material is known as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or polystyrene foam.

To keep the product from moving, the product is placed in the foam, which is designed to fit it in. Interior and exterior are essential in product packaging, so when designing bespoke cardboard boxes, do not forget to include polystyrene foam.

Foam Sheets

Foam sheets are thin sheets wrapped around objects before being placed into a rigid box. In comparison to foam boards, foam sheets are thinner. If you prefer a lighter material, simply wrap foam sheets around the item.

If the object requires special protection, such as photo frames or glass sculptures, foam sheets and foam boards are recommended.

Cardboard Box Design Ideas

It is natural to feel perplexed before customizing your packaging. So, to spark your creativity, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular rigid cardboard designs.

Take a look and start working on your creativity.

1. Jewelry Cardboard Box Design

A jewelry box
Source: Pinterest

Jewelry products are usually presented in rigid cardboard boxes.

2. Push and Pull Cardboard Box

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

You can pull the lower cardboard, use the product, then place it back in the board and push it back in. This model is convenient to carry everywhere.

3. Rigid Cardboard Box Design

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

Magnetic closures are used to close the lid in this design.

4. Perfume Box Design

A perfume box
Source: Pinterest

Rigid cardboard boxes are the most commonly used packaging for perfume bottles.

5. Perfume Box Design With Foam

Perfume box
Source: Pinterest

The perfume bottle is put on a foam block explicitly designed for the perfume bottle in this design. This is one of the best inside and exterior customized box design examples.

6. Essential Oil Box Design

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

The above package exudes opulence and is customized to accommodate more than one product.

7. Cologne Box Design

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

Another branded package design for perfume bottles. The packaging is stylish, yet minimal. The bottle fits perfectly, providing protection along with the class.

8. Rigid Cardboard Box for Watch

watch box
Source: Pinterest

A classy and creative design to carry a watch. With the rigid structure, one can be ensured that the watch will stay in its place, and no harm will happen to the watch.

9. Rigid Cardboard Box Design for Delicacies

Box of delicacies
Source: Pinterest

They have customized cardboard boxes for carrying delicacies. These boxes are pretty popular, especially during the festive season.

10. Textured Cardboard Box Design

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

Instead of plain paper stock, the brand uses a textured box in the above design to accentuate its brand and elegance. Team it up with a bow or a ribbon, or a customized nameplate, and it gives a sense of warmth to the packaging.

How to Make a Rigid Cardboard Box? 

A rigid box
Source: Pinterest

Rigid cardboard boxes certainly require a lot of materials to look appealing. Though it is not mandatory, you might well be interested in how a rigid cardboard box is constructed. If you’re not interested, you can move on to the next section.

If you’re curious, here are the steps to making the perfect, rich-looking rigid cardboard boxes:

Step 1: Measuring and Printing the Paperboard

The most important detail as a client you should provide to your manufacturer is the measurements of the box. The box sizes are based on the products or products that will be placed inside the box.

Rigid boxes are not printed as boxes; they start as flat paperboard where the adequate size is measured and cut.

Step 2: Make It Into a Box

The trimmed paperboard is then folded into a box. This is the most simple task in creating a rigid cardboard box.

The box’s fundamental structure is now complete.

Step 3: Printing the Custom Designs on the Box

The third step is the customizing step. In this step, your customized preferences or designs are printed on a piece of paper called the wrap. The wrap is then laminated, and further processes like foil stamping or embossing are performed.

Step 4: Wrapping

Following the addition of customizations, the wrap is automatically attached to the contour of the box. Your personalized rigid cardboard box is now ready to be placed on the shelves. 

Cardboard Box Printing Methods

A unique rigid box
Source: Pinterest

When it comes to designing cardboard boxes, there are various cardboard materials, but there are also different printing processes. Here are several cardboard boxes printing techniques to be aware of:

Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing is a classic method of printing cardboard boxes. This printing technique yields a clear and distinct design printing.

The provided design is transformed into a stencil composed of polyester and fine mesh.

The mesh uniformly distributes the ink across the stencil. To prevent ink from spreading to the vacant sections of the stencil, an impermeable substance is filled in the blank areas.

Silkscreen printing is best suited for simple designs; nonetheless, it can produce higher resolution images than most other printing technologies.

Flexo Printing

Plastic or rubber plates are used in flexo printing. The methodology is identical to that of stamping. After dipping the plate in ink, it is placed on the packaging.

The main advantage of Flexo printing is that it can print designs on various materials such as cardboard, plastic, foil, and brown paper.

Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing is a method of printing designs or patterns on the packaging that is computerized. Nowadays, lithographic printing is the favored and most typical printing technology used by most firms.

The customized design has been saved to the computer. The equipment then utilizes a laser to make an image plate. Because this process is computerized, it allows for full-color, photographic-quality images.

Lithographic printing is ideal for creating intricate designs.

Digital Printing

As the name implies, digital printing is yet another modern printing method. The procedure is identical to that of lithographic printing. The customized design is uploaded to a computer and printed on the packaging without a plate.

The design on the package is printed using a large format laser printer or ink-jet printer. The approach is similar to how paper is printed in household printers. This printing technology is entirely computerized.

Work With a Trusted Cardboard Box Manufacturer

A rigid box

Source: Pinterest

You should now have a good grasp of how custom rigid cardboard boxes are created, as well as the materials and steps involved. The following step is to find the best cardboard box manufacturer.

It is not difficult to locate the best cardboard boxes supplier.  Google “best cardboard box manufacturers,” and you’ll receive the results you’re looking for.

Assume you’ve located the ideal cardboard box manufacturer, but you’re concerned about how to approach the manufacturers.

The goal of this article is to assist newcomers with custom product packaging. Here are some topics to discuss with a cardboard manufacturer.

Board Grades

The board grades determine the box’s sturdiness. The thickness of the boards ranges from 1mm to 2.5mm. Choose the appropriate board grade based on the product’s weight to be placed within the box.

Paper Stock

The paper stock is where the board’s customizations are printed and pasted. Paper grades are available in various weights ranging from 120 gsm to 150 gsm. Paper stock is classified into two types: coated and uncoated.

The coated stock offers a glossy finish and is more resistant to water, dirt, and wear and tear. They are also smooth to touch.

The uncoated stock absorbs more ink but is less smooth than coated stocks.

Textured paper stocks can be incorporated to add a sophisticated touch to your packaging. The color of the paper stock is also chosen by you.

Coating Options

There are two coating options available, laminating and varnishing. In varnishing, a special liquid is painted on the packaging. A separate film sheet is added on top of the packaging in laminating.

The coating options also involve gloss or matte finish. Choose the finish that will make your product stand out.

Interior of the Rigid Box

The interior of the rigid box is as essential as the exterior. You can choose foam boards to be placed inside the box to keep the product safe and secure.

The foam body is designed to fit the product. So make sure to give accurate product dimensions to design the foam.

Sharp Edges of Rigid Boxes

The edges of rigid boxes should be crisp. Any flaw on the product outside alters the buyer’s perception of the product’s quality on the inside. Make sure to ask your manufacturer to give the perfect edges to the cardboard box.

Custom Illustrations on Rigid Boxes

For the product to stand out, the packaging must be unique and appealing compared to others. You can request your manufacturer to add designs that will resonate with the theme of your product.

Most manufacturers offer services such as logo design and product design. Simply tell them what you want, and the manufacturer will take care of the rest.


When it comes to packaging, rigid cardboard boxes are one of the best solutions. Customers do not scrutinize each and every product in a store before making a purchase. They buy the one that catches their eye, and the one that attracts the customer’s eye is the well-packaged product.

Because of the posh aura surrounding rigid cardboard boxes, most designer brands use them as product packaging.

If you’re looking for a manufacturer who will listen to your ideas and provide high-quality packaging, have a look at the services provided by Hongyi, which may be just what you’re looking for. So, contact them now for all your product packaging needs.

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