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How Does a Cigar Humidifier Work and How to Pick the Best Humidifier?

Home Blogs How Does a Cigar Humidifier Work and How to Pick the Best Humidifier?

A cigar humidifier is what keeps your humidor at the right humidity content for preserving your cigar. It’s critical that the conditions keep constant overtime time to avoid the cigars being too wet or too dry. It uses a humidity sensor to determine the amount of moisture in the box. 

Hongyi offers a wide range of humidors for cigars. The use of polymer crystal slow-release beads ensures that correct moisture levels are maintained within any humidor.

The importance of cigar humidifiers in preserving cigar quality is critical to your whole smoking session. A cigar humidifier maintains the humidity level in your cigar case, and getting a pleasant cigar blow is difficult unless the cigar comes from a well-kept humidor. 

How Does a Cigar Humidifier Work? 

Cigar Humidifier
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A humidifier ensures a constant humidity balance. At all times, the optimal humidity level is around 70%. The humidifier relies on the evaporation of water in the air and monitors humidity rates to try and retain a steady amount of moisture. It either uses a chemical substance to control evaporation or a little fan within to do so.

Because cigars are created entirely of pure tobacco with no additional chemical additives or synthetic ingredients, special attention should be given to maintaining their flavor and texture. A cigar that is kept too wet or dry, too hot or cold, will not light or taste as good as it could. Mold, softening, and the elimination of a cigar’s essential oils can all be avoided with appropriate storage. And a humidor can definitely help with this.

The first step in creating ideal settings for your cigars is to activate your humidor, which can be managed with a sponge or crystal system. For optimal humidifying efficiency, the sponge system employs propylene glycol liquid and purified water, and it requires weekly refilling. Implementing the humidification’s appropriate method can help keep the humidity content in a cigar humidor at just the proper amount. 

Moreover, the crystal humidification system is relatively fresh, and only a few cigar box manufacturer employ it. Its crystalline, embryonic features make it a wonderful option for a sponge because it works around the clock and just needs to be refilled once a month.

The Best Humidifier for Cigar Humidor

Humidifier for cigar humidor
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A humidor is nothing more than a box with no humidifier. They keep your cigars in perfect shape so they don’t dry out with time. To remain in good operating order, electronic humidifiers minimize the level of attention. They simply have to be refilled once every month or so. You won’t have to ever replace them. Purified water is good to use in them. They also don’t need propylene glycol as a stimulating ingredient to keep the evaporation mechanism inside under check. Although you will need to spend on new packs every 2 months. 

Make sure your cigar humidifier is the right size as well. Make sure you understand how big of an area it can humidify and how many cigars it can hold. When you use a cigar humidifier that is either too big or too little, you fear harming your cigars by subjecting them to too much or too little humidity. You can easily choose the best humidifier for cigar humidor by just keeping a few things in mind. 

A humidor should have a humidity level of roughly 70%. This is the perfect humidity content for keeping cigars from drying out or becoming overly moist over time. Although a humidity range of up to 75% is fine, you should not leave your cigars in moisture levels much higher than that for an extended period of time. 

Make sure the humidifier is calibrated so you can get an exact readout on the moisture content. You can manually adjust a manual hygrometer if you have one. With a digital hygrometer, you’ll need to keep track of the adjusted values and either add or subtract them from subsequent moisture measurements.

Things to Consider

Things to consider, cigar humidor
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Here are a few things you must consider when buying Humidors for your business that would also build your customer’s trust and take your business forward with a unique exquisite.

1. Cigar Boxes at a Reasonable Price 

Buy bulk cigar boxes from cigar box manufacturers who produce cigar humidors at the most competitive prices in the industry. This is to assist our trading clients in increasing their profitability. 

2. Quick Turnaround 

Ensure that your orders get completed and delivered on time. Treat your customers well and understand how important they are. Choose a reliable partner for your business that understands this and never gets out of time. 

3. Cigar Boxes Made to Order 

Get custom cigar boxes where you can have everything of your choice wherein you can also take care of your customers’ choices.

4. Eco-friendly Boxes

You can also opt for eco-friendly cigar boxes if you are an environmentally responsible brand and wish to take your business impression forward with the same tag.


A Humidor is a great choice for any cigar collector because there is a need somewhere to keep your smokes. Not only should they be stored, but they should also be kept in an optimal atmosphere that allows them to keep their optimum relative moisture and temperature. 

A humidor will always be the one with everything you require to maintain your cigars fresh and offer the flavor and aroma you desire. You can never go wrong when looking for the best humidor for a cigar enthusiast if you understand how it works and what components to seek for in a decent one. Get in touch with Hongyi right away and get the cigar box designs of your choices made and take your business to another level. 

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