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How to Find Trusted Wholesale Subscription Box Suppliers

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So many people would like to start a subscription box business but they get bothered by what products they will put in their custom subscription boxes. This has made getting wholesale subscription boxes suppliers very important.

Asides from your private label subscription boxes, the other important element that you need for a successful subscription box business is high-quality products. Without getting consistent and standard products, you will lose subscribers and with time, your subscription box business will go to ruin.

To avoid this, read this post to see how you can get products from subscription boxes suppliers and how to customize unique packaging boxes to grow your subscription business.

Get Products for Your Subscription Boxes

The commonly thought way of getting products for subscription boxes is to either buy from manufacturers or you produce them yourself. However, there’s a second way, which is getting “free products.”

Shortly, we will discuss these two ways. Let’s start with getting free products.

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Getting Free Products

This is exactly what it sounds like. You don’t need to pay a dime before having these products in your private label subscription boxes. All you have to do is to find vendors who sell the kinds of products you would like to package in your subscription boxes and pitch your business to them. You tell them you will help them market their products, sell them, and give them an agreed percentage. Also, if your subscribers love their products, they will order for more.

The major benefit of this model is that you don’t spend too much money even as a startup. Since you don’t buy products and you don’t need a warehouse to store them, you will spend little to no cost in getting products for your subscription business, which means that you will have a higher profit.

However, this model has some shortcomings. Firstly, you will have to convince vendors to give you free products, which limits the number of products you’ll get as some vendors won’t agree. Even the vendors who agree might start to pull out if they don’t get regular revenue from you. Also, you don’t have full control over the products that will be packaged as some vendors can select only sample-sized products for you.

Paying for Products

This is the most common way of getting products for subscription boxes. You will contact vendors and you will pay a certain amount of money for products. Because you are paying, you have control over the goods that will be delivered.

In this model, the negotiations and delivery of products happen quickly as you don’t need to convince them, your money does the negotiation. Also, you get to select the particular products you want; you can be picky. You will be able to get immediate supplies when you need them. Furthermore, you can get numerous vendors; this gives you protection in the event that one of your subscription boxes suppliers is backordered.

The major demerits of this model is that you need a large sum of money to get started and you need a warehouse where you will store the products you buy.

Customize Unique Packaging Boxes for Your Subscription Business

After you’ve got products for your subscription business, the next thing is to customize unique packaging boxes. Below are the steps you will take to achieve this.

Find Qualified OEM Boxes Factories

Firstly, you need to contact a subscription box manufacturer who will help you make your subscription boxes. The manufacturer should be competent and professional in manufacturing subscription boxes wholesale just as you want them. Check the manufacturer’s track record to confirm its credibility and proficiency.

Also, the type of products you are packaging determines the kind of box manufacturer you’ll need. For example, if you deal with perfume, you will need a perfume box manufacturer for great perfume subscription box ideas, if you are dealing with heavy or luxury products, you’ll need to find a qualified wooden box factory to manufacture wooden boxes that can carry heavy things, and if you deal with lightweight products, you should find a qualified OEM boxes factory for a wholesale cardboard box.

Confirm Your Subscription Box Design

After contacting a competent OEM box factory, you need to draft out your preferred subscription box design and confirm it before sending it to the manufacturer. In your design, you should include your brand information like your business name, logo, slogan, and how you can be reached.

Subscribers are fond of posting their unboxing experience on social media so you must make sure that you come up with a fantastic design idea and at the same, including how prospective subscribers can contact you; it could be your business phone number or your social media accounts names.

Also, the sizes and weight of your subscription boxes should be ascertained. Know how you want your subscription boxes to be dimensioned. In confirming your custom subscription boxes size and weight, the products that will be packaged in them are a major determinant. Measure the products to know their dimensions and volume so that you will know how the boxes will be configured.

Check a Subscription Box Sample before Mass Production

Before your subscription boxes manufacturer starts making bulk production, request for a sample. This is to confirm that the final outcome of the boxes will be as planned. You need to confirm that your design is printed on the box appropriately. And if you notice anything that you are not satisfied with, you need to immediately alert the manufacturer so that changes will be made before mass production.

Another important thing to do is to put your products in the subscription box sample to confirm if they will perfectly fit and if the material is capable of carrying the products.

Follow Up the Quality Control and Delivery

It’s a thing to manufacture one box effectively, but it’s another thing to keep up with the level of effectiveness as multiple boxes are manufactured. As the wholesale subscription boxes are being manufactured, you have to keep an eye on them to ensure that the quality doesn’t drop. With every production turn, the quality should be maintained, there should be no variation whatsoever.

Also, ensuring that the products get to your subscribers in good condition and on time is very important. Follow up with the delivery to make sure that they get to your subscribers when expected.


Without getting consistent and standard products for your subscription box business, there is no way you will be able to run the business effectively. Therefore, you need regular vendors who will supply you with products whenever your subscribers make demands. And getting products for your subscription boxes can be achieved either by getting them freely or paying for them.
However, having a successful subscription box business is beyond getting regular, standard products, you will have to find a subscription boxes supplier who will make unique packaging boxes for you to put your products. Also, you must ensure that your customers end up getting satisfied to receive your private label subscription boxes.

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