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Custom Cigar Box Manufacturer in China

Hongyi has been in the business for more than 20 years, and we are known for producing custom printed cigar boxes and other rigid packaging boxes. To maintain the condition of our products, we make sure that we source top-notch quality materials from our trusted suppliers. 

For instance, in terms of quality cigar box designs, our company offers mahogany and cedarwood. Still, Hongyi provides other custom selections to match the clients’ budget, including the thermometer, humidor, and metal fittings. 

Hence, our materials and wide selection of designs allow us to meet our customers’ needs, creating a unique cigar box customized only for them.

Why Customize Cigar Box for Your Tobacco Brand

Here are the reasons why Hongyi’s custom cigar humidors are essential for your business.


  • To develop better cigar flavors.

Along with mahogany, cedar is by far the best wood you can select to line your custom cigar humidor. Both wood materials perform an excellent job at preserving cigar and developing cigar flavors, and they can easily last for so long if properly maintained.


  • To fit your requirements. 

Customized print, design, size, color, and other specifications of cigar boxes can upgrade your brand and cater to your specific market needs. Whether you want personalized custom made cigar boxes for your brand or wholesale needs, Hongyi can manufacture them based on your desired requirements. 


  • To build up your brand image.

Cigar enthusiasts find custom made cigar humidors not only trendy but also essential. Apart from being your brand signature, these boxes serve as your message to your consumers. The appearance of your custom cigar boxes can already tell much about your company, so be sure to make a good impression.

Option Of Custom Printed Cigar Boxes/Humidors

Our cigar boxes wholesale are available in an extensive selection:

  • wood cigar box materials
  • cigar box shape
  • cigar box sizes
  • cigar humidor accessories/parts
  • cigar box graphics/logo
  • cigar box EVA, EPE, or Sponge liner
in-house box design

We Design and Make Exquisite Cigar Box In-House

With the support of our advanced equipment, our professional team workers honed their craftsmanship skills in producing cigar humidor solutions. Since we create our products in-house, we can guarantee the quality of our produced items. From the design, wood processing, parts assembly, custom printing, until packing and delivery, Hongyi provides only the best bulk cigar boxes. So, reach out to our experts for OEM and ODM orders!

Eco-Friendly Wooden Cigar Box Materials

Hongyi is partnered with FSC certified material suppliers to guarantee our customers the timely availability of materials, which ranges from premium wood, metal fittings, and the likes. Our indigenous designers researched for trending but recyclable and durable materials. Partnering with us means you are also an eco-friendly company that pursues product sustainability.

sustainable box

Take Advantage Of Hongyi Wholesale Cigar Boxes/Humidors

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    Affordable Cigar Box Cost

    We make cigar humidors that are offered at the best prices in the market. This is to support our business partners to earn greater profits too. But, of course, the more quantity you buy, the greater the discount.

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    Fully Custom Made Cigar Boxes

    We are your reliable cigar boxes manufacturers that offer OEM and ODM manufacturing custom cigar humidors. Just tell us what you need, and we will deliver.

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    Short Lead Time

    Since we manufacture in-house, we can guarantee that we can finish your orders and deliver them quickly because we understand that time is essential to our clients.

Custom Perfume Boxes Make Your Brand Shine.

Let your perfume brand be known the world over with unique packaging brought by your custom perfume box manufacturer Hongyi.

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