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Top 10 Subscription Boxes Suppliers

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Subscription boxes are circulating in the business industry more and more as the year passes. Both businesses and customers love this initiative of packaging products in boxes. For businesses, they get to make a steady income every month and retain their customers. On the other hand, customers love the convenience of getting everything they need at their doorstep and they also crave surprises.

There are many subscription boxes suppliers, but not all of them can be trusted to provide customized and corrugated boxes for packaging. So, in this article, we’ve put together the top 10 subscription boxes suppliers that are efficient in all ways.

List of the Top 10 Subscription Boxes Suppliers

1. Hongyi

Hongyi logo
Source: Hongyi

Hongyi makes the best subscription boxes in China. They specialize in manufacturing perfume subscription packaging and gift packaging that are of higher quality than the boxes made in the Middle East and Europe. This has made businesses and customers trust them and their products. They are highly rated among the wooden boxes manufacturers and the plastic box manufacturers in China, as well as the cardboard box manufacturers in China. Their boxes are durable, strong, reliable, environment-friendly, and generally outstanding.

2. GWP Group

GWP Group logo
Source: GWP Group
  • Business Type: Packaging designer and manufacturer
  • Location (headquarter): Unit 20, Chelworth Park, Cricklade, Swindon SN6 6HE, United Kingdom
  • Year Founded: 1990
  • Specialty: Corrugated packaging, foam inserts & protective cases, and picking & multi trip

GWP Group is a designer and manufacturer of all types of custom subscription boxes, retail packaging, and transit packaging. The company focuses on innovative packaging design and the satisfaction of customers’ desires. They convert all your packaging requirements into customized packaging designs and boxes. Amongst their packaging are corrugated cardboard boxes, foam inserts & foam packaging, e-commerce packaging, transit packaging, protective cases, board coatings, and even specialist antistatic packaging.

3. Emenac Packaging

Emenac Packaging logo
Source: Emenac Packaging
  • Business Type: Customized printing and packaging manufacturer
  • Location (Headquarter): 2372 Morse Avenue, Suite # 313, Irvine, California 92614, USA
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Specialty: Cardboard boxes, Kraft boxes, corrugated boxes, window boxes, die-cut boxes, and wedding boxes

Emenac printing uses technologically advanced digital and offset presses that ensure that every packaging box manufactured and printed is high quality. The company is a specialist in making catchy customized subscription boxes that attract people’s attention. This is a subscription box company that makes boxes that can be used to package electronics, food items, snacks, clothing, toys, shaving accessories, etc. They use environment and friendly materials while still maintaining their excellence.


Bennet logo
Source: Bennet
  • Business Type: Custom packaging manufacturing company
  • Location (Headquarter): 220 NW Space Center Dr. Lee’s Summit, MO 64064, USA
  • Year Founded: 1987
  • Specialty: Shipping boxes, retail packaging, retail displays, contract packaging, and packaging supplies

Bennet is a reliable manufacturing company that has the capability of solving every customer’s challenges. The company invests largely in the latest printing and manufacturing technology every year just to manufacture better packaging boxes than their competitors. They act as a subscription box supplier to many industries, such as health, food & beverage, beauty, agriculture, wine & spirits, chemical, and so many more. The company is even AIB International certified, making them licensed to work with any food product.

5. Packhelp

Packhelp logo
Source: Packhelp
  • Business Type: Custom packaging manufacturing company
  • Location (Headquarter): Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warszawa, Poland
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Specialty: Mailer boxes, product packaging, rigid boxes, shipping boxes,  packing paper, mailing bags, fashion bags, envelopes, and printed tapes

Packhelp is one of the fastest-growing custom packaging manufacturing companies that utilize technology in the making of their boxes. The company’s patented software sparks innovation, accelerates packaging development, and automates routine activities. They make customized packaging boxes ranging from mailer boxes, rigid boxes, food packaging, flexible packaging, stickers & labels, and so many more.

6. PakFactory

PakFactory logo
Source: PakFactory
  • Business Type: Custom boxes and packaging manufacturer
  • Location (Headquarter): 600 Alden Road #204, Markham, Ontario L3R OE7, Canada
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Specialty: Structure design & engineering, Packaging artwork design, and sample & prototyping

PakFactory is a go-to custom boxes manufacturing and packaging expert that renders full end-to-end service to make sure that the best outcome is derived from your design. They are specialists in making unique packaging box designs. It’s a subscription box company that makes folding cartons, corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, bags, inserts, turnkey paperboard and so many more that are used in numerous industries.

7. Fantastapack

Fantastapack logo
Source: Fantastapack
  • Business Type: Custom packaging manufacturing company
  • Location (Headquarter): 6412 S 190th St Kent, WA 98032, USA
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Specialty: Mailing & shipping boxes, retail boxes, food & drink boxes, custom labels, and preprinted boxes.

Fantastapack is of the belief that every business both small and large scale businesses deserve custom printed packaging with beautiful designs. The company designs and manufactures custom printed boxes and labels for businesses. They make subscription boxes that you can use to package all the products you want to send to your subscribers.

8. Packlane

Packlane logo
Source: Packlane
  • Business Type: Custom packaging and boxes manufacturer
  • Location (Headquarter): 3865 Produce Road #207, Louisville, KY 40218, USA
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Specialty: Mailer boxes, product boxes, standard shipping boxes, and econoflex shipping boxes

Packlane assists with packaging solutions that can be used in numerous industries. The company fuses in plenty of creativity in the manufacturing of the boxes and packaging. Whether you need custom retail packaging with your logo or you would like to develop a corrugated cardboard mailer, Packlane will meet your needs.

9. Barton Jones Packaging Ltd

Barton Jones Packaging logo
Source: Barton Jones Packaging
  • Business Type: Custom packaging company
  • Location (Headquarter): Unit 3, Dunhams Court, Dunhams Lane, SG6 1WB Letchworth, UK
  • Year Founded: 1993
  • Specialty: Custom boxes and packaging services

Barton Jones Packaging makes E-Commerce boxes that are of high-quality, less expensive, and appeal to even the most demanding businesses. This is one of the subscription boxes suppliers that provide boxes that you can use to package products for your subscribers. The company delivers the right solution to every clients’ packaging problems.

10. Belmont Packaging

Belmont Packaging logo
Source: Belmont Packaging
  • Business Type: Ethical corrugated cardboard box manufacturer
  • Location (Headquarter): 3 Ormside Close, Hindley Ind Est, Hindley Green, Wigan, WN2 4HR, United Kingdom 
  • Year Founded: 1978
  • Specialty: Health & beauty packaging, fashion & footwear packaging, chemicals & aerosols packaging, food & drink packaging

Belmont packaging is all about manufacturing quality cardboard packaging that protects contents, enhances brands, acts as shelf displays, and is environmentally friendly. The company makes cardboard boxes that are used to package your products, make them stand out, get noticed, and increase sales. Their focus is on high quality, sustainability, and reliability.


In this post, we examined the top 10 subscription boxes suppliers, but the company on our number 1 spot stands out. Hongyi boxes are not just the best on the market because of the boxes they manufacture, but because you can get other services from them. Services like a free consultation, working together to draft your subscription box design, benefitting from their many years of experience, etc.

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