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Choose The Right Wood Material For Custom Cigar Boxes/Humidors

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The purpose of utilising a humidor is to keep the cigars safe. Of course, a regulated climate within the humidor is required to guarantee that the cigars are properly preserved. That equates to a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of around 70%. However, this is only the top of the iceberg. A hygrometer and the proper sort of wood are required to maintain the proper temperature and humidity at all times.

Cigar humidors can be made from a variety of woods, some of which are superior to others. In the sections that follow, Hongyi will show you the many types of woods available for cigar humidors, as well as analyse their merits and potential problems. 

Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor
Source: Pinterest

This exotic wood can be found in almost every high-end humidor. This is due to the numerous beneficial qualities of Spanish Cedar. In addition to appearing lovely, it naturally inhibits tobacco insects from burrowing into your cigars, extending the life of your cigarettes. The strong odour released by Spanish Cedar makes the environment unsuitable for tobacco bugs.

It’s also the best wood for regulating the temperature and humidity levels of your cigars. This unrivalled control aids in preventing cigars from losing their flavour over time. So, if you want your cigars to stay fragrant, Spanish Cedar is the way to go.


The reason why Spanish cedar in humidor is preferred by most manufacturers is due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • The wood can resist high humidity without losing its integrity. It also works effectively when temperatures are controlled.
  • When it comes to protecting your cigars against tobacco insects, Spanish cedar is an excellent choice.
  • It has a powerful odour that repels tobacco bugs, avoiding harm.
  • More significantly, Spanish cedar has a lovely perfume that contributes to the aroma of your cigars.
  • It also aids in the preservation of the natural aroma of cigars and the preservation of their quality over time.


Despite being the most effective wood for humidors, Spanish Cedar is far from ideal.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Spanish Cedar is not grown in Spain. Each board is brought from Brazil and other Amazon rain forest countries.
  • This brings us to the most significant disadvantage of Spanish Cedar: the price. It costs money to extract this valuable wood from the jungle and transport it to the business.
  • It may also fuel illicit logging in the Amazon jungle, in addition to substantially increasing the price of the humidor.

Having said that, if your money permits, it is still the best option.

American Red Cedar Cigar Humidors

American Red Cedar Cigar Humidor
Source: Pinterest

The American red cedar, sometimes called Eastern red cedar, is widespread in the Midwest and the eastern United States. It may be found all the way from Canada to Mexico. However, many cigar aficionados despise its pungent, earthy odor, and since it is so powerful, it frequently overpowers the cigar’s inherent flavor.


  • The pricing difference between American red cedar and Spanish cedar is significant. Cigar humidors made of American red cedar are less expensive than those made of Spanish cedar since it is less desired.
  • American red cedar, like Spanish cedar, has a natural resistance to mold and insects.


  • American red cedar does not absorb moisture as effectively as the Spanish cedar.
  • In addition to water, cigars may drop some of their vital oils, resins, and sugars, that give cigars their taste.
  • As the leaves dry and become fragile, you may see some surface breaking.

Honduran Mahogany Cigar Humidors

Honduran Mahogany Cigar Humidor
Source: Pinterest

Honduran mahogany is a tropical hardwood that is native to Central and South America. Its native distribution runs from Mexico to the Amazon Basin in Brazil, and it is the only commercially farmed real mahogany tree.


  • Honduran mahogany absorbs and holds water almost as effectively as Spanish cedar and is a great way to keep your cigars at a consistent moisture level.
  • Mahogany humidor has a very mild scent that is difficult to notice and will not be absorbed by your cigars even after prolonged contact. It’s an excellent option for cigar aficionados who dislike the aroma of Spanish or American red cedar.
  • Humidors made of Honduran mahogany, like those made of American red cedar, will be less costly than those made of Spanish cedar.


Admittedly, the faint odor renders Honduran mahogany more susceptible to tobacco beetle infestation. Tobacco beetles are originally from the tropics, but they are now distributed all across the world. Tobacco bugs thrive in humid surroundings like the ones found in most cigar humidors. 

Tobacco bugs will enter your cigar humidor more frequently if it is built of Honduran mahogany and lacks the strong perfume of Spanish cedar or American red cedar to repel them.

Solid Wood Construction

Solid Wood Cigar Humidor
Source: Pinterest

In a solid wood structure, the entire humidor is made of the same wood (both the outside and inside). Instead of just the internal lining being made of Spanish cedar, the entire structure will be composed of it.

In general, solid wood humidors, particularly those constructed of Spanish cedar, will be highly costly. Their construction is also more difficult than that of a veneer humidor.

Because wood is often fairly soft, solid wood humidors are more prone to breakage and dents. While Spanish cedar is a great wood for humidor construction, it is only advised that it be used in the inside of the unit – not the entire thing.


The majority of current humidors will most likely be made of various sorts of wood. That implies you’ll have to pay attention to the type of humidor you choose. Walnut, mahogany, oak, and, of course, cedar are among the best wood for the humidor. Whatever wood you choose, be sure it can readily keep the aroma of your cigars in the humidor. It’s the only method to guarantee the wholesomeness of your cigars in the long run.

Hongyi has been in the cigar humidor wholesale industry for over 20 years, and they are well-known for making custom printed cigar boxes. To keep the items in good shape, they take care to use high-quality materials from reputable vendors only. So, contact Hongyi now.

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