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Find the Right Wood Material for Your Box Packaging Design

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If you’re looking for the finest wood material for your wood box ideas and packaging designs, you’ve come to the right place. Look over this post for all of your information if you do not know where to begin the quest for wood box decoration for your business.

For ages, wood has indeed been utilized in manufacturing, packing, and storing items. The sanitary benefits of wood are also great. Wood is a very ideal material for most uses in the industry owing to its excellent production efficiency, and excellent handling practices. 

Trusted custom box manufacturers like Hongyi are eager to elevate your business to new heights with their market industry-leading box packaging. 

Material Options for Your Box Packaging Design

Below are a few material suggestions that you can incorporate in your packaging designs.

1. Medium Density Fibreboard 

MDF box packaging
Source: Pinterest

Medium Density Fibreboard commonly known as MDF is a high-temperature, high-pressure manufactured material that is produced by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into relatively small pieces, mixing them with wax and an adhesive, and exerting intense heat and force. 

The material is solid, flat, rigid, free of knots, and easy to process. It is made up of tiny pieces and offers dimensional accuracy without having a prominent grain-like wood. MDF, unlike most plywoods, has no gaps and produces crisp edges without tearing out.

Features of MDF

  • MDF is typically less expensive than plywood.
  • MDF has a very clean base, which enables it to be an excellent painting ground.
  • Because MDF is uniform overall, trimmed corners will seem smooth and free of gaps or fragments.
  • You may use a router to make decorative edges because the edges are smooth.
  • MDF’s uniformity and smoothness make complex patterns easy to cut. 

Pros and Cons

MDF offers economic value for ordinary people because it is less expensive. As a result, they are affordable to everybody. It is simple to apply any color, whereas staining different colors on hardwood takes a long time. 

Though MDF is less durable than wood, it is ideal for packaging. MDF contains moisture quickly and is difficult to nail or screw into. Because of its appropriate density, it provides excellent machining characteristics. 

Instead of wood, MDF is a suitable alternative because it is sturdy, dense, flat, and strong. It can be painted or stained to look exactly like real wood, therefore it can even fill the role of solid wood.

Applications of MDF

MDF is a very versatile material that is popular because of its sturdiness, cost, endurance, and uniformity. It’s a widely used engineered product. It is one of the best choices for box packaging designs.

2. Medium Density Particleboard

MDP box packaging
Source: Pinterest

 Medium Density Particleboard or MDP is made by combining resin and adhesive with wood waste such as sawdust and dust. Coatings and polishes can be used to finish it, however, they usually remain because the ground isn’t really smooth or consistent. Its key benefit may be its low cost. 

Its applications are identical to MDF, but it requires particular hardware and interconnections to achieve an acceptable outcome.

Features of MDP

  • Endurance and size are both consistent.
  • It holds its structure effectively.
  • Reliable dimensions 
  • It absorbs paint effectively.
  • It readily accepts wood adhesive.
  • It is versatile.

Pros and Cons

The main benefit of using particleboard over plywood is that it is less expensive. In contrast to plywood, bonded particle boards and wood paneling particle boards offer decorative aesthetics at a lower cost. However, on the other hand, MDP has a low strength relative to other fiberboards. 

Because of its low density, it is readily destroyed during shipping. It is an environmentally beneficial substance because it is made from wood waste like sawdust or particles, and hardwood shavings, as well as bagasse, which is the sugarcane residue after the juice has been removed. 

It needs very little upkeep and is simple to clean. Particleboard may be readily moved and manipulated due to its small density.

Applications of MDP

Particleboard is often employed as a foundation for cooking and restroom countertops, as well as in lower-end furnishings and carpet coverings. Being consistent in size MDP can help you get a perfect and constant wood box size.

3. Plywood

Plywood box packaging
Source: Pinterest

Plywood is another engineered wood material that is created by compressing and attaching layers of wood panel collectively to form a single solid product. Plywood, like MDF, is available in various thicknesses and grades, allowing you to select the best option for your application. 

Plywood can be stained since it has a grain. It’s ideal for dining cupboards, worktops, and other jobs where a big colored wood surface is desired. Because the different grains of wood on every surface provide something for the nuts to grip, it retains nuts quite firmly.

Features of Plywood

  • Panel with a High Contact Resistance 
  • Flexibility
  • Tolerance to fire is high
  • Protection from noise and heat

Pros and Cons

Plywood has excellent structural integrity and minimal contraction and deformation. Plywood is hard to cut and mold due to its high strength. Plywood’s diagonal stiffness and the technical methods used to create it make it extremely tough, especially when it’s very much thick. 

From polished and wood flooring plywood to pressure-treated, and other construction grades, including marine plywood, plywood comes in a variety of grade levels and coatings. 

Plywood is a luxury material relative to other “adhesive boards” on the market, and it is charged correspondingly, which may be a budget issue for some firms.

Applications of Plywood

Plywood is utilized for a wide range of purposes giving high-quality results. In this sense, quality refers to the ability to withstand cracks, breakage, shrinking, bending, and distortion. 

Exterior bonded plywood is ideal for outside usage, however, since moisture impacts wood durability, the best results are obtained when the moisture content is kept low.

4. Oriented Strand Board

OSB box packaging
Source: Pinterest

OSB has a distinct look that is progressively being utilized in design and architecture. These planks are formed of vertical sheets of wood shavings compressed together and sealed with adhesive at high pressure and temperature. Mechanically, they are quite strong and rigid. 

They have no vacant areas, knots, or fractures inside them, in addition to providing outstanding soundproofing. They are also resistant to the elements, including rainfall, dampness, air, and heat. However, laminated items cannot be applied to them because of their rough surface.

Features of OSB

  • Strong and Enduring
  • exceedingly consistent
  • Environment friendly
  • Recyclable

Pros and Cons

OSB is less expensive than other common hardwoods used, as well as plywood. Painting OSB can be a challenge. 

Even though some OSB has a water-resistant coating, each succeeding cut exposes the fresh corners to dampness, causing swelling when wet. It also takes much longer to dry than plywood. 

OSB is more energy-efficient than plywood and is made in tree farms rather than forests. Both, however, are produced using PF adhesives, which release very little formaldehyde. OSB is more malleable than plywood, despite being tougher and denser.

Applications of OSB

Walls and roofs, flooring base for carpeting and wooden flooring, brickwork, sheathing, and building sheds, packing, and furniture designs are a few of the applications of OSB.


Unlike solid wood, engineered wood has no distinct pattern or texture. This makes sanding and priming easier without worrying about the appearance which makes them the right choice to use for your box packaging designs. 

MDF is seen as the best, good quality, and long-lasting material. For this purpose, MDF is the finest choice as the rest may have continuous wood texture and or other severe flaws.

If you’re looking for packaging designs for your business, you can contact a trusted wooden box factory-like Hongyi for the greatest options in wooden box designs. You can pick from a variety of stunning designs and have your specific requirements get done for your business and turn your wooden boxes design ideas into reality. MDF is ideal for cutting, machining and drilling without splinters or chipping which makes it ideal for wood boxes decoration.

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